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If you're going to have your wedding in Hawaii then you should definitely include some Hawaiian wedding customs in your plans.  You know what they say....”When in Rome...”  If you just want to get married on a beach you can do that anywhere.  But people chose Hawaii for their destination wedding because of it's romantic and picturesque settings.  And part of that romance has to do with the people of the Islands and their customs.  Hawaiians are a very spiritual people and isn't that what weddings are all about.  Here are some customs to add to your ceremony when you have your wedding in Hawaii:

Your Dress – It's customary that the bride wear a long, white, flowing dress, similar to a muu-muu or caftan  (but NOT similar to what Mrs. Roper always wore on Three's Company!  Ugh!) because it moves so beautifully in the ocean breezes.  And she traditionally wears a haku lei, a ring of fragrant Hawaiian flowers, in her hair.  

The groom also wears white, usually a soft, flowing shirt and slacks and he wears a bright colored sash around his waist and a green maile lei around his neck. 

Lei – Lei symbolize love, respect and all-around aloha.  (Friendship)  It's customary for the wedding to start with the bride and groom exchanging lei and you can either start with the bride wearing the groom's lei and the groom wearing the bride's or you can have your flower girl present them at the appropriate time.  And in a traditional wedding in Hawaii the holy man would bind the couple's hands together with a maile lei. 

Conch Shell – Blowing the conch shell three times before the start of the ceremony symbolizes inviting the Lord into your presence and asking his blessing upon your union. 

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