A proper Oahu destination wedding takes planning and preparation.  You will save a bundle of money and eliminate a large amount of worries by hiring a destination wedding planner.  I remember getting married din Hawaii and we opted to stay at a five star property for three nights.  The wedding was fabulous and we had an amazing efficient, car service, huge tasty cake, flowers, professional photos, reception including dinner for all of our guests and it cost less than $6,000!

I know, it seems hard to believe but it is true!  A wedding planned properly can mean all of the difference.  
What saved us is having the proper and experienced wedding planner.  There are some things that you are responsible for, like where to have the wedding, what your budge will be and how many people you are inviting but your wedding planner will be responsible for making sure all of the items are checked off the list.  The wedding planners experienced with the area have many contacts for vendors that deal with the economy to the elaborate and large budgets.

Everyone has their own reason for wanting a destination wedding and for the most part, I think that we all wait to find that special someone and when we do, we want it to be the most outstanding event in our lives thus far.  You can research all of the destination wedding sites that exist and explore places around the world, but you will not find any other place more beautiful with crystal clear blue waters, warm (but not too warm), sunny and exiting adventures.  Enjoy your choice of an Oahu destination wedding.

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