A proper Oahu destination wedding takes planning and preparation.  You will save a bundle of money and eliminate a large amount of worries by hiring a destination wedding planner.  I remember getting married din Hawaii and we opted to stay at a five star property for three nights.  The wedding was fabulous and we had an amazing efficient, car service, huge tasty cake, flowers, professional photos, reception including dinner for all of our guests and it cost less than $6,000!

I know, it seems hard to believe but it is true!  A wedding planned properly can mean all of the difference.  
What saved us is having the proper and experienced wedding planner.  There are some things that you are responsible for, like where to have the wedding, what your budge will be and how many people you are inviting but your wedding planner will be responsible for making sure all of the items are checked off the list.  The wedding planners experienced with the area have many contacts for vendors that deal with the economy to the elaborate and large budgets.

Everyone has their own reason for wanting a destination wedding and for the most part, I think that we all wait to find that special someone and when we do, we want it to be the most outstanding event in our lives thus far.  You can research all of the destination wedding sites that exist and explore places around the world, but you will not find any other place more beautiful with crystal clear blue waters, warm (but not too warm), sunny and exiting adventures.  Enjoy your choice of an Oahu destination wedding.
  Hawaii wedding planners seem to be a dime a dozen these days but to find the perfect one for you may not be impossible.  Just follow a simple list of what needs to get done and get a list of referrals from friends and local hotels to interview a few.  Don’t be shy about checking references.  This is after all your special day and a lot of money is usually involved to give it away to just anyone.

So many people plan to get married on the islands and make their plans stateside before arriving.  So many planners are used to arranging every detail before they ever meet the bride and groom.  Once you locate the planner for you, pay the deposit and away you go!  There are of course some things the planner needs from you to get the job done:

·         What is your budget?

·         What hotel were you planning on?

·         Do you have your list of persons to invite?

·         Indoors or outdoors?

·         Where will the reception be held?

·         Do you want a brides and a groom’s cake?  What type of cake and how large?

·         Do you want favors for your guests?  If so, what type?  Some choose a Hawaiian theme and some go neutral.

Be clear on what you want from your planner.  Both the planner and your needs and expectations can be met when communication is clear.  It is not correct to assume that the planner would include a certain small detail of importance to you if you do not state it.  Hawaii wedding planners are experts in their field, but can not make your dream come true unless they are clear on what that dream is. 

Are you researching if getting married in Hawaii is the place for you?  Many feel that Hawaii is one of the most romantic places on Earth.  With the handful of islands for your main event, an innumerable amount of choices exist for your wedding and honeymoon.
When planning your wedding in Hawaii it is an effortless process of inspiration and amazement.  Your wedding day has the option to make it a true Hawaiian experience from the island attire, bathing suits, beautiful tropical flowers and music.  It is easy to see why Hawaii is chosen the most often as a place to get married and spend your honeymoon.  It is an ideal dream to think of sipping champagne while the sun is setting over a beautiful beach and the soft sounds of the ocean waves.

There are six different islands you can choose from on your trip.  Oahu is the most visited and home to exquisite chefs from around the world.  Kauai contains famous beaches for your snorkeling adventures.  Maui is over a mile above sea level and contains the best waves for surfing.  Lanai is for the hikers at heart.  Molokai has one of the longest and largest white beaches around. Hawaii’s Big Island contains an active volcano!  So many different options for you once in a lifetime adventure that makes getting married in Hawaii the way to go!
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If you're going to have your wedding in Hawaii then you should definitely include some Hawaiian wedding customs in your plans.  You know what they say....”When in Rome...”  If you just want to get married on a beach you can do that anywhere.  But people chose Hawaii for their destination wedding because of it's romantic and picturesque settings.  And part of that romance has to do with the people of the Islands and their customs.  Hawaiians are a very spiritual people and isn't that what weddings are all about.  Here are some customs to add to your ceremony when you have your wedding in Hawaii:

Your Dress – It's customary that the bride wear a long, white, flowing dress, similar to a muu-muu or caftan  (but NOT similar to what Mrs. Roper always wore on Three's Company!  Ugh!) because it moves so beautifully in the ocean breezes.  And she traditionally wears a haku lei, a ring of fragrant Hawaiian flowers, in her hair.  

The groom also wears white, usually a soft, flowing shirt and slacks and he wears a bright colored sash around his waist and a green maile lei around his neck. 

Lei – Lei symbolize love, respect and all-around aloha.  (Friendship)  It's customary for the wedding to start with the bride and groom exchanging lei and you can either start with the bride wearing the groom's lei and the groom wearing the bride's or you can have your flower girl present them at the appropriate time.  And in a traditional wedding in Hawaii the holy man would bind the couple's hands together with a maile lei. 

Conch Shell – Blowing the conch shell three times before the start of the ceremony symbolizes inviting the Lord into your presence and asking his blessing upon your union. 

Planning to get married in Hawaii? You will need to devote a lot of time and effort to prepare for your dream destination wedding. Of course, you want a perfect wedding in a perfect location. The following are several things to consider before you say your “I do” in Hawaii.

Weather. Summer months are preferred by many couples for Hawaii weddings. However, the sunny weather tends to be humid, which can be uncomfortable if the bride is dressed in a long gown and the groom in a tuxedo. A late afternoon wedding ceremony during summer months is the ideal weather for a Hawaii wedding.

View of sunset in Oahu. What makes an Oahu wedding very memorable is the charming backdrop of sunset, making Oahu a great wedding location in Hawaii. You get the best view of the sunset during winter months. If you schedule your wedding in summer, the beach location should face the West so that the sun can be seen setting over water.

 ·         Legal requirements. You will need to meet certain legal requirements before you can get a marriage license. Know these requirements before you get married to avoid legal problems in the future.

·         Wedding packages. Choose a great Hawaii wedding package that best suits your taste and needs. Look for extra features or offerings that will make your dream wedding a reality.

·         Unusual ceremony. What’s the use of going to Hawaii if you’re going to be wed in a traditional chapel? Oahu weddings can be held at exotic yet lovely locations such as a hilltop with a view of the Pacific Ocean or a rainforest under a waterfall.

For many, to get married in Hawaii is a dream come true!