Hawaii wedding planners seem to be a dime a dozen these days but to find the perfect one for you may not be impossible.  Just follow a simple list of what needs to get done and get a list of referrals from friends and local hotels to interview a few.  Don’t be shy about checking references.  This is after all your special day and a lot of money is usually involved to give it away to just anyone.

So many people plan to get married on the islands and make their plans stateside before arriving.  So many planners are used to arranging every detail before they ever meet the bride and groom.  Once you locate the planner for you, pay the deposit and away you go!  There are of course some things the planner needs from you to get the job done:

·         What is your budget?

·         What hotel were you planning on?

·         Do you have your list of persons to invite?

·         Indoors or outdoors?

·         Where will the reception be held?

·         Do you want a brides and a groom’s cake?  What type of cake and how large?

·         Do you want favors for your guests?  If so, what type?  Some choose a Hawaiian theme and some go neutral.

Be clear on what you want from your planner.  Both the planner and your needs and expectations can be met when communication is clear.  It is not correct to assume that the planner would include a certain small detail of importance to you if you do not state it.  Hawaii wedding planners are experts in their field, but can not make your dream come true unless they are clear on what that dream is. 


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