While many traditional wedding cakes are white and accented with gold or silver or some really neutral color, some couples choose to theme their cake to their wedding location.  Having an Oahu Beach Wedding can create a theme for a beautiful wedding cake that everyone at the wedding can enjoy. 

There are many pieces of Hawaiian culture that you could throw together in your cake.  Imagine a white tiered cake with beautiful green fronds on the sides with coconuts and pineapples.  On top of the cake, pink, blue, and green flowers blend together to bring out a true Hawaiian feeling in your cake.  You could even have blue icing to bring the flow of the ocean into the cake.  Brown sprinkles could show the sand with icing shells.  Your Oahu Beach Wedding themed cake is something you can look through pictures of in the future and remember every bit of Hawaiian culture that made your wedding day special. 

After you have your wonderfully crafted cake at your reception, your honeymoon to Hawaii will begin.  Whether you choose to go sightseeing or choose to do random activities throughout the islands, experiencing the culture is something romantic that you will never forget.  Your honeymoon to Hawaii is a cultural experience that you will always remember.  Instead of just staying the night with each other in the town that you live in, look into traveling to Hawaii.  Sharing this exciting new experience with each other is something romantic that is sure to set off your marriage in a beautiful exciting way.  Sharing adventure together is vital in a relationship and creates a stronger bond between the two of you.



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