An Oahu beach wedding can help you experience the wedding of your dreams. With careful planning and lots of creativity, you can make your wedding day more special for your partner and your guests. Here are four tips for organizing a beach wedding like a pro.

Imagine the ceremony
Take some time off work to imagine what you want your wedding ceremony to look like. Do you imagine yourself and your partner in formal wear while walking along Hawaii’s sandy beach? Do you see yourself walking barefoot in a casual dress as your partner waits for you at the end of the aisle? Whether you want a casual or a formal ceremony, it will affect all your decisions about locations, wedding themes, and invitations.

As much as possible, try to keep your guests comfortable and do not require them to wear uncomfortable suits and gowns during your wedding. This way, you can preserve the laid back atmosphere during a tropical Hawaiian wedding.

Plan a wedding theme
You will need an Oahu wedding theme to unify all the elements of your wedding. If you still want to retain a formal wedding ceremony, use seashells for programs, invitations, and wedding decorations. If you want stimulate a relaxed atmosphere, you can go for casual themes and use them for the ceremony and the reception. Grass skirts and Tiki candles are great decorations for casual beach weddings.

Choose appropriate wedding music
Prepare a CD filled with exciting tropical or seaside music that will match your tropical ambiance. Look for instrumental versions of romantic beach songs that you can play as the ceremony proceeds. For the after party, play exciting songs that can put your guests in the mood for dancing.

Select the perfect location
If you are planning to organize a small ceremony, you can mark the edges of the wedding space with candles and seashells so your guests will know where to sand. Smooth out the entire area create a strong visual impression. For a larger ceremony, mark the wedding aisle with torches or luminaries to create a stunning effect.

Use these four tips to plan an Oahu beach wedding that you and your partner will never forget.

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